About Michael

As part of my service in the Navy, I had the honor to be a part of the "Snoopie Team," where I discovered my passion for photography and it's many valuable uses. When I returned home, and after serving as a realtor for a time, I took my passion for photography and turned it into my profession. I love continuing to learn new facets of photography and unique ways to capture the best photographs. When I'm not photographing, my greatest joy is spending time with my wife and family. We love spending time laughing, playing and being together.

About Michelle

I am an extraordinarily committed photographer. I demonstrate an exceptional mastery of professional photography skills. My aspiration as a photographer is to personalize every image experience to provide elegant and timeless images of any project. I draw inspiration from my 13-year-old son with whom I share a few hobbies; drawing, woodworking and exploring recipes from various cultures to include international dishes. My professionalism and charming personality is what makes me a favorite among the industry.

About Tramail


About Micah

I have always had a niche for creativity and perfectionism. Some may call it a little bit crazy, and those people might be right. My passion for the perfection of my work is what keeps me moving forward, knowing that there is always something I can improve on keeps my skills sharp. As I continue to perfect my work, I am excited to learn new things and bring the beauty out of every picture I take. My professionalism and charisma will be sure to make you feel welcomed and satisfied every time.

About Belmin

I'm a professional real estate video editor and motion graphics designer. When I started in the real estate business six years ago, I didn't believe that it would be my passion. Next to that, my huge obsession is wedding photography and videography. I'm a real perfectionist, but easy to work with at the same time. Giving more than 100% is hard to deal with, but satisfaction it provides gives me the strength to work even harder.

About Kimberly

I am a mid-western girl from Indiana that found her way down to the great state of Texas. I have done graphic design for nearly 20 years. From the time I could use scissors, I have loved to use my creativity to produce beautiful creations and that includes photography. Whether it was a single use camera or Nikon 750, black & white, color, I have always loved photography. My passion was fueled when the first of my four children was born and I couldn’t help but have a camera in my hand. I have always enjoyed capturing the beauty around me as well as all of those special moments for families and that also includes the selling of their homes.

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